Safety doors protect your home or company against burglary, fire, noise, smell and cold!

At MX Door we have a wide range of different safety doors, which all meet todays requirements for safety. We have chosen to sell models that often have overlapping properties as it ensures that we can cover your exact requests and needs for protection of your home or company. The safety doors have been tested according to the highest European requirements for burglary resistance in compliance with ENV 1627.

The metal construction has been specially developed to prevent twisting, and the design with a thick layer of rock wool isolation ensures that the doors apart from the burglary protection also have a high isolation value, which deals with both noise and fire. The safety doors has been fire approved in compliance with EI 45.

If you have any questions regarding our safety doors, or if you are interested in a non-binding offer on safety doors for your home or company, do not hesitate to contact us on + 45 97 99 17 00 or

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Safety level: 1

Our Basic safety door is a widely operable and economical model. The doors consist of a durable metal structure with good silencing and heat insulating properties.

Safety class 2

Safety level: 2

At first sight there is nothing separating this door from the standard, strengthened model, Basic – that is, because the strength and improved safety lies beneath the surface.

Safety class 3

Safety level: 3

Protect 3 has been designed to grant protection against burglary attempts with heavy hand tools. The doors are recommended both for apartments and houses with an increased risk of burglary.

Safety class 4

Safety level: 4

Protect C4 is a safety door of very high quality. The construction of the safety doors grants extra strength and resistance against noise, fire, cold and burglary among other things.

Safety class 5

Safety level: 5

If you have an old preserved door or just a door worth preserving that needs replacement, we are capable of copying the design and creating a safety door that shows consideration for the design of the building


Safety level: 5

The Exclusive safety door has been specially developed for use as exterior door, but the door is naturally also applicable as entrance door for apartments, houses or companies.