Safety classification

Facades that grant you safety!

The fundamental basis of our effort to improve the safety in your home or your company is always to satisfy the needs of the costumer. Our criteria for success is your satisfaction.

Thus is all our safety doors, gates and glass sections produced for the purpose of meeting the highest of European demands. That is your guaranty that all the models grant reliable and long-lasting protection, not just against burglary, but also against fire, noise, smell and cold.

Safety doors from MX Door have all been tested against burglary on the established institute IFT Rosenheim in Germany. The safety doors are produced in compliance with the EU-standard: ENV-1627.

Bulletproof doors have been tested in compliance with EN 1522 on the special institute Ulm in Germany. Test result: FB4.

The safety doors have furthermore been tested for fire resistance on the institute ITF Rosenheim in Germany. The doors have been tested and certified in the following fire classes: EI1-30, EI2-45 and E60.

The doors have also been tested for sound reduction, and they have a sound reduction on 41-45 db.

If you have any question regarding the safety in our products, or if you are interested in a non-binding offer on safety doors for your home or company, do not hesitate to contact us on +45 97 99 17 00 or

Burglary resistance by class:


Burglary resistance by class in compliance with ENV 1627
 Class  Class  Application
 1  Basic protection against burglary attempts with the body as a tool  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
 2  Opportunistic burglary attempts with simple tools Extended protection for normal habitation
 3 Burglary attempts with the use of heavy tools High level of protection for buildings with an increased risk of burglary
 4 Experienced burglar using saws and electric tools Extra high level of protection for buildings with a high risk of burglary

Protect C2: Class 2

c2-1 c2-2 c2-3

Protect C3: Class 3

c3-1 c3-2  c3-3

Protect C4: Class 4

c4-2 c4-1 c4-3-1