Safety class 3

Safety level:

Protect 3 has been designed to grant protection against burglary attempts with heavy hand tools. The doors recommended both for apartments and houses with an increased risk of burglary.

Protect 3 grants excellent protection not only against burglary but also against noise and cold. The door can be completed with a wide range of materials such as MDF, Umidax, veneering, natural wood or laminate.

Protect 3 is a safety door that will protect your building against an experienced burglar with powerful hand tools. The door has been tested on the German testing institute IFT Rosenheim, and it has been certified as a class 3 safety door in compliance with the standard of ENV 1627. The locks installed in this door must at least be certified as class 5 (ENV 1627), and at least one of the locks has to be installed with drilling protection.

The door has a good noise and heat insulation, and it is therefor suitable for both interior and exterior installation in a house as well as an apartment, and it can be installed for opening inwards as well as outwards. The door can be covered with Umidax HLS if it is used as a street door, which maintains the waterproof properties even if the plate is damaged. The plate has

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  • akustisk-ydeevne Acoustic capacity

       41 dB Rw (C;Ctr)

     termisk-transmissionThermic transmission coefficient (U-value)    1.5 W (m²-K)
     aabne-lukke-cyklusOpen-/close-cycle    200.000 times
     vindlastWind load    Class C3 -ENV 1627 3
    lufttaethed Airtightness    Class 3
    vandtaethed Water tightness    Class 2A
     brandmodstandsevneFire resistance    EI 30/ EI45
  • We are capable of customising your door so that it meets your specific requirements of safety, resistance and look. You can choose between several carvings and profiles..

    Painting options for doors and casings

    Profile options

    Range of colours for Umidax HLS plate

    Range of colours for PVC laminate